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WHERE:  Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Headquarters at the Tioga County Fairgrounds (GPS coordinates: N41°46.1791 W77°12.401)

WHAT:  Performance Rallying is the exciting and demanding motorsport sanctioned by American Rally Association (ARA). With its high percentage of stage miles and a course featuring some of the most challenging roads in the world, the Waste Management Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally® (STPR®) is one of the America’s best-known stage rally events and boasts the title as the longest continuously-running motor sports event in Pennsylvania.

WHO:  The Finger Lakes STPR® Motorsport, LLC, will conduct STPR in cooperation with the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry. Finger Lakes STPR Motorsport is based in Rochester, New York.

SPONSORED BY:  STPR’s title sponsor is Waste Management. Sponsors include C&N Bank and Subaru. Many other businesses in the Wellsboro area support STPR and other various activities associated with the event, including the Tioga County Fairgrounds. Other sponsors and supporters include Pepsi and UTZ snacks.

THE SERIES:  STPR 2017 (hashtag #stpr17) is Round 4 of the American Rally Association National Championship and Round 5 of the North American Rally Cup; its support events, the Finger Lakes Rally (coefficient 2 event) and the Sherwood Forest Rally (coefficient 3 event) are part of the American Rally Association Regional Championship.

THE COMPETITION:  STPR regularly draws the top rally teams from the United States, Canada and abroad who enjoy putting their skills to the extreme test of performance rally. Competitors from the worldwide professional rally community are also found at this premier event.

The ARA has grouped Performance Rally vehicles into two category groups, Open and Production, further broken down into 2WD and 4WD.  In the Open category 2WD classes, we have Group 2 – Normally Aspirated and Group 5 – Forced Induction and in 4WD, Full Open and Restricted Open.

Performance Rally starting order is based upon a “Speed Factor.” This is a number calculated for each competitor after each national rally and reported regional rally, which indicates the relative speed of the competitor compared to the fastest competitor.

Speed Factor List: This is a ranking of competitors speeds, from the fastest to the slowest and is based on the best and latest Speed Factor. The Speed Factor List is used to set the Start Order of competitors at events. This ranking will be updated on the first of each month.

THE COURSE: The course totals about 262 miles total, including about 119.4 competition miles as well as transits from stage to stage. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry is providing almost 63 miles of roads in the Susquehannock, Tioga and Tiadaghton State Forests for the special stages. Added to the forest roads is over nine miles of private roads, some of which had to be resurrected for STPR. Overall, the competition roads surfaces consist of hard packed clay, gravel, and stone.

Then there is the 7/8th-mile Subaru Super Special Stage at the Tioga County Fairgrounds. For a small fee per person, fans have the opportunity to sit in grandstands and watch the cars as they run all of the stage.  STPR includes two Regional-level rallies, Sherwood Forest Rally (coefficient 2 / Stages 1-8 / 50 stage miles) and the Finger Lakes Rally (coefficient 3 / Stages 9-16 / 70 stage miles).

SPECTATING:  Choice spectator points for viewing the competition are a special feature of STPR. Information on the spectator points and routes to reach them are available in the Official Program and Spectator Guide. These are made available in digital format online shortly before the weekend of the event and printed copies will be available at registration, the Green and the Chamber of Commerce. The cars are available for inspection at the Parc Exposé around The Green both Friday and Saturday. See the event schedule for details.

VOLUNTEERS You can be a part of this most exciting extreme sport…performance rally. THIS IS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY TO GET CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH THE ACTION!

No experience is required—and there are a few jobs that dont even require that you leave town. The best opportunity to spectate is reserved for stage workers, who have access to non-spectator areas along the route. Medical (basic life support certification) and licensed HAM radio operators are also essential. A collectors item souvenir pin and worker-only T-shirt are provided for all registered workers.