EZTrak to partner with the American Rally Championship for 2017

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The American Rally Association (ARA) will have EZTrak units in all competition vehicles for the remaining 2017 National Championship events. In the continued effort to further increase the value of the ARA National Championship EZTrak will be used by the organizers to support the logistical needs of rally and by the growing fan base to track all the action via the web or the all-new ARARally app.

A top priority for the ARA Board was to address the general public’s access to stage rally. With the creation of the ARARally app and combined use of EZtrak at all the remaining events this is one step closer to achieving that goal. After much feedback from the community it was also decided to only provide this service at no cost to the organizers and competitors.

EZTrak provides live vehicle tracking information visible to both event organizers and the public. EZTrak’s approach to live vehicle tracking is driven by the need to provide an affordable option to the North American rally community and to provide information that allows organizers to make faster and better-informed decisions. EZTrak has been successfully used in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

To download the ARARally app visit Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.



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