Official Bulletin #5  | May 15, 2017

EZTrak Vehicle Tracking Devices

The American Rally Association is equipping all competitors and course cars at the 2017 STPR Rally with EZTrak vehicle tracking devices.

These devices will enable event officials to know your location and movement status in real time and to be automatically alerted of any irregularities (e.g you have come to a stop on an active stage). They will also enable everybody who has access to the Internet to follow your movements and stage times at A free iOS or Android smartphone app is also available from this same website, or you can search for ARARally in the Apple app store or in the Google Play store.


You will be given two EZTrak devices at Event Registration to place in your recce car and to then move to your rally car after recce.

Registration is 7 to 10 p.m. Wednesday, May 31, 2017. If you cannot register Wednesday night, When you sign the Waiver at the Start of stage 1, you will get your EZTrak devices there on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

One of the devices provides stage timing and vehicle movement information via cellular communications and the other device provides satellite communications when your vehicle is in an area where there is no cellular coverage.  The devices are completely self-contained requiring no vehicle power or external antenna connections.  Guidelines for the placement of the devices are provided on the following page.



The tracking devices perform all of their monitoring, motion analysis and reporting functions automatically with no user interaction.


The tracking devices will be removed from your rally car immediately after the last Time Control at the Tioga County Fairgrounds. If you DNF while on an active stage one of the sweep vehicles will remove the devices from your rally car.  If you DNF elsewhere, you must return your two (2) devices to Rally Headquarters or to an ARA official at the nearest active Service Area.

EZTrak Device Installation Guidelines

The EZTrak devices must be placed in the vehicle such that the devices’ internal antennas have as good an unobstructed view of the sky as possible.

The preferred placement of both devices in your RECCE CAR is on the dashboard secured with a supplied piece of industrial strength adhesive Velcro with the BLACK SATELLITE DEVICE placed on top of the YELLOW CELLULAR DEVICE with their internal antennas toward the front of the car and facing up to the sky through the windshield.

The best placement of the BLACK SATELLITE DEVICE in your RALLY CAR is secured to the dashboard or the A-pillar with the internal antennas facing the sky through the windshield secured with a piece of supplied adhesive-backed Velcro.

The best placement of the YELLOW CELLUAR DEVICE in your RALLY CAR is with the supplied RAM mount clamped to a component of the roll cage with the arm of the mount such at it places the device as close as possible to a window with the device’s internal antennas facing out the window.

For example:

  • on the side of the main hoop behind the seats near a window
  • on the roll cage member that runs parallel to the A-pillar
  • on a connecting member or backstay near a window
  • on an “X” diagonal or rear brace of a hatchback with a view out the hatch window

Rally Car Examples

Want a copy to print out? Here’s a PDF of this Bulletin.

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