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Official Bulletin #9


Competitor Bulletin
Lateness/Bogey Time
For the duration of 2017 STPR the terms Lateness and Bogey will be used synonymously.
Seeded Draw and 2 Minute Windows
It is the direction of the ARA Competition Committee to have all competitors with an 85 speed
index and above to be included in the seeded draw. These competitors will also be allotted a 2
minute window.
The 2 minute windows are only for these competitors with speed indexes higher than 85,
indicated on the entry list, and when they are at the top 7 of the start order. If one of these
competitors were to fall back in the order they will lose the 2 minute window.
The seeded draw will be at 830PM Thursday, June 1st at the Tioga County Fairgrounds. Drivers
must be present to be included in the draw or they will be placed 1st on the road.

Erick Nelson, American Rally Association Competition Director                              Meridith L. Croucher, Event Chair

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