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2017 Waste Management Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally Sanctioned by: American Rally Association June 2-3, 201 Wellsboro, Penn.
Rally Notes #5 – Saturday late afternoon

41 cars have entered service in Germania at the end of stage #7 for a 25-min. service, and then on to stage #8. This also marks the end of the first region event for those who entered the Sherwood Forest Rally (stages 1 – 7) and the beginning of the Finger Lakes Rally (stages 8 – 15). We’ll report on the winners of the first regional as soon as we get them from scoring. Travis Pastrana maintains a 20-second lead over Barry McKenna, and 1:06 lead over points leader David Higgins.

The cars have finished stage #10 and are back in service at Germania. 34 cars finished stage #10 – here are some of the DNFs beyond what we have already reported:

–In an interview on the ARA Facebook page, Chris Cyr, driver of the #229 Ford Fiesta, said that he and his co-driver had smoke coming into the cabin of the car, but thought it was overheated brakes. But when they tested the brakes, they felt fine, but then the smoke got worse. When they decided to grab what they could and get out of the vehicle, they opened the door and flames shot out from under the car. Speculation is some kind of exhaust/fuel combination caused the fire.

–#175 Derek James/Garett Weiskopff Ford Fiesta had a flat tire and needed owing out of stage #9.

–#304 Peter Elliot/Andrew Morrow Subaru Impreza broke its suspension on stage #9 and are awaiting a flatbed tow.

–#88 Gary DeMasi/Stephen Kurey Ford Ranger lost its tire completely and needed to be towed off the stage.

–#32 Adam Noyes/Kelsey Stone BMW 318ti was reported stuck on stage #10, but did finish the stage.

–#97 Barry McKenna/Leon Jordan Ford Fiesta spend much of the time at this event chasing the first place entry of Travis Pastrana/Robbie Durant, but their afternoon came to an untimely end when McKenna hit a tree on stage #10. He made it to the end of the stage, but decided the damage was too much to continue.

–#904 Segei Grishin/Larry Davis Subaru Impreza went off the road on stage #10, and ended up on its side. The drivers were unhurt, but the car could not continue.

–#155 Robert Dawson/Steven Harrell VW Golf lost its engine on the transit today only three miles from downtown – before they were able to even see a stage road as they were a Saturday-only entry.
Unofficial times show Pastrana now only 13.2 seconds ahead of Higgins as the rally hits the backstretch. With McKenna out, the Laughlin O’Sullivan/Scott Putnam Subaru STI is now in third place overall.

The Sherwood Forest Rally results we previously posted on Facebook were incorrect due to faulty data – we apologize for any inconvenience. The real winners are as follows: #56 Jeff Seehorn/Karen Janowski Subaru STI, Open 4WD; #145 Paulo Ferreira/Ozgur Simsek Subaru Impreza, second in Open 4WD; #767 Sumit Punjabi/Matt James Mitsubishi Evo X, won the Production 4WD class;#777 Jon Kramer/Jason Smith Subaru Impreza, won NA Open 4WD;. #142 Daniel Downey/Kevin Brolin BMW 325is won the 2WD Production class, while #88 Gary DiMasi/Stephen Kurey Ford Ranger GT 2wdOpen.

–The rally is now running its final forest stage before the Super Special stages at the Fairgrounds, and, while we have no official times since stage #10, we believe that Higgins has passed Pastrana for the overall rally lead. One factor was the ton of time Travis lost when he had a flat tire on stage #9. We should have some more concrete info in another hour,

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