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  • Checking the rally cars in and out of Service at Germania is just one of the many volunteer jobs at STPR. (Lori Lass)

Volunteer Preregistration

Calling all volunteers!

Volunteer Registration is a three-step process:

  1. Get a USAC License here
    1. Fill out the form with name, address, etc.
    2. Copy your confirmation number (select and click;  Ctrl-C on a Windows PC or Command-C on a Mac)
  2. Sign up with STPR here
    1. Paste (Ctrl-V / Command-V) in your confirmation number.
    2. Fill out the rest of the information (a bunch of the same info … sorry).
  3. Bring a printed copy of your USAC confirmation e-mail with you to the Fairgrounds on Thursday or Friday to get your assignments, ID, T-Shirt, and goodie bag.
  4. Meet your crew and complete your assignments, enjoy!

Not sure what job you’d like to take on? Check out our job descriptions.

There is no consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of any recreational drugs on the property of the Tioga County Fairgrounds or at any spectator area on the Waste Management property stages, nor at any location in the forest during the times the event is active.

Waste Management STPR® has signed with the American Rally Association (ARA) to provide its sanction this year. With its help, we will be obtaining our insurance from the United States Auto Club. To provide the best insurance for our 400-plus volunteers, USAC has asked that you obtain a license to volunteer at all American Rally Association events at no cost to you.

The way to get your rally volunteer license is to click on the link (Step 1 above) and answer all the questions. The only way to get the license is online. If you do not have a computer or family/friends with a computer, there will be one or two available at Registration for you to use. Please print and keep your receipt from the process, that will be your license and you need to show that to us at Volunteer Registration.

Once you’re completed your license information, please register with the STPR Volunteer Registrar using our online form (Step 2 above). We apologize for any inconvenience in the redundancy of having to ask you to do some of this twice, but as it’s the first year, we are not yet quite in sync, but we want to have a comprehensive record with information we, as an organization, require.

As a reminder, this insurance is secondary insurance. That means that if you have a health insurance policy, your own insurance will pay first. They event policy will then pick up co-pays, deductibles, and anything not covered under your personal policy. If you do not have insurance, the event insurance then becomes primary for any injuries received at the event only.

It takes a lot of people to produce STPR. We need you, and your safety while at this event is our utmost concern, and we want you to feel that you are safely making a contribution to an event that does so much for the greater Wellsboro area as well as being a fun event to experience.