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Select the description that best fits the job for which you would like to volunteer. Just click on the plus sign to the left of the job title and you’ll see a dropdown box with details.  Then, go through our simple two-part, online preregistration process.

Supervise a spectator location along a competition stage ensuring the stage is safe. Ability to interact politely and assertively with the public is important at these positions. Transportation and self-sufficiency (drinks, lunch, etc.) are needed. Familiarity with rally rules is helpful. This is a good position for new volunteers.

Supervise a location along a competition stage ensuring that the stage is safe. Ability to interact politely and assertively with the public is important at these positions. You may be alone or with a small crew. Transportation and self-sufficiency (drinks, lunch, etc.) are needed. Familiarity with rally rules is helpful.

Operate timing controls at the transitions from transit to competition stages. Familiarity with rally rules and time cards along with attention to detail is important in these positions.

Work with Service Chief and diagrams to mark service areas, direct teams to designated areas. At Germania, assist communications locate and deliver messages to teams.

Help teams reconnoiter the stages, ensuring speed limits are obeyed. Helps if you are a licensed Ham radio operator and able to read rally route instructions.

Sign in volunteers, ensure documentation and assignments are correct, answer questions about assignments and event, sell event merchandise.

Assist with competitor registration, ensuring all team documentation is proper. Clerical work (data entry, filing, customer service, etc.)

  • Wednesday afternoon – organize paperwork
  • Wednesday evening / Thursday morning – team registration

Please contact the Chief Registrar before registering for these positions.

Interview teams, post to website and social media, edit and post photos and videos, assist with media registration and press stage.  Excellent opportunity for a college student majoring in communications/journalism/public relations/integrated marketing, etc. Proficiency in WordPress and Adobe Creative Suite applications as well as all major social networks is preferred. Bring your own equipment (laptop, headphones/earbuds, camera, smartphone, tablet, audio or video equipment, etc.)

Contact one of the Press Officers prior to registering for this position.

Install snow fencing for spectator control, locate trash barrels, direct vendors to proper locations, enforce parking rules.

Direct rally traffic to assigned parking, start cars on time, answer questions from the public. This assignment works from early morning till cars have started.

Provide light and traffic control as the crowd LEAVES the Super Special at the Fairgrounds. Guards are needed by the grandstand exit (rally cars crossing the path) and at Charleston Road. Flashlights a must. Vests and flares will be provided. You can watch most of the Super Special as long as you are in position when the last car finishes. Experience directing traffic helpful.

Drive the stages installing banner tape and signage per diagrams. Teams meet early morning and work until finished. Come with a full tank of gas and bring a hammer, work gloves and sturdy footwear.

Set up Net Control radios. Control a very busy network ensuring traffic is communicated correctly and efficiently. An amateur radio operator’s license is required.

Travel to specific location, establish communications with repeater to Net Control AND simplex to other locations. Communicate correctly and efficiently between Net Control and rally workers at your location. Log cars passing your location. This is a position for a licensed, amateur radio operator.

Provide basic life support as necessary to competitors, spectators, and workers. Medical certification is necessary. Teams may be assigned to travel with Safety Cars, or to cover specific locations (starts, finishes, spectator areas, Fairgrounds, etc.). Please register as Medical if you are working as part of an ambulance crew.

This is a fun way to interact with the teams! Operate time controls for competition cars entering and exiting the fairgrounds. Controls are open at specific times for about one (1) hour.

Sell tickets at the fairgrounds for the Super Special Stages. Ability to work quickly and accurately with money and the public is necessary.

Hawk our spectator guides among the crowds at the Green and before the Super Special at the Fairgrounds. Ability to handle cash and a crowd is necessary.

Set up for Banquets (catered – you don’t need to cook/serve), provide sustenance at specific locations, general hospitality for workers, crews, etc.

Make sure that we leave no trace. Drive the stages (following route book directions helpful) removing any leftover banner tape, signs etc. Remove snow fencing and signage at the fairgrounds and Germania. Stow equipment in storage locker for next year. Very important thankless job. Ability to work with overtired STPR committee helpful. This job does not interfere with ANY other position so all are welcome – Many hands make light work.

SAFETY CARS:  these crews drive the course immediately behind the competitors to locate competitors who are disabled. Ham Radio and First Aid credentials are needed. Please contact the Chief of Safety before registering for these positions.

HEAVY SWEEP:  these crews drive the course after the competitors and help disabled cars get to a location where their teams can retrieve them. Ham radio credentials and trucks with extraction equipment are extremely helpful. Please contact the Chief of Sweep before registering for these positions.